8 Tips to Save Money

Stop Eating Out. It’s okay to eat out if you have plans with friends or family. However, a lot of us eat out way too much. We’ll grab something on the way to or from work, while we’re out running errands, or simply because we don’t want to cook. Grabbing a McChicken with a sweet tea before work is only a little over 2 dollars. Sounds cheap right? Imagine doing that 5 days a week. That’s over 40 dollars a month. No longer cheap is it?

Cash Envelope System. This has helped me tremendously for saving money. If you’d like I can post about how I handle my cash envelopes.

Unplug Items Not Being Used. It doesn’t matter if an item is off, if it’s still plugged in it’s still using electricity.

Use Rewards Cards. When stores ask if you want one, verify they aren’t leaving info out like it comes with a credit card. I once said yes to a rewards card without getting info, next they’re tell me my credit limit. So I verify first before getting one. I have a rewards card for my local gas station. I get so much off my gas and free drinks per month, it depends on my number of visits per month that decides what my discount is. I also have an aerie rewards card.

Make a Grocery List. There’s so many times I’ve gone grocery shopping and I think I know what I need in my head. I’ll leave with what I didn’t need and forget items I did need. Make a list, and stick with it.

Ibotta.  Ibotta is an app you can download that is free for Android and Apple. They have rebate for certain items with food, personal care, baby, and household items. Majority of the rebates are for certain brands and products. If it’s something that I’ll use I’ll try to stock up on the item during the rebate. The money that you earn you can transfer to your PayPal account, receive digital gift cards, or you can pay with ibotta with the retailers that allow it. Now, you need to make sure these items you are buying for rebates are things you will actually use or it defeats the purpose of saving money.

Turn off Lights. Yes, sounds simple, but sometimes we walk out of a room without thinking about it. I can’t tell you how many times I take a nap and wake up and see all the lights on. It’s something I’m still getting better at.

24 Hour Rule. 24 hour rule is waiting 24 hours before buying. You see someone post about a cool product and you think it’ll be perfect for you… wait 24 hours and see if you still really want that item. If it’s online, go ahead and add it to the cart. Some sites will send you emails when they see you haven’t purchased the item yet. I do a lot of my purchasing on Amazon. I had a wishlist for anything I’m thinking about buying, I’ll leave it there for awhile to decide if I really want/need the item.

Recent Favorite Amazon Buys

Glass Straws. I love these. I bought them to save money and to be more eco-friendly. They work great and it comes with brushes to clean them.

Reusable Baking Silicone Cups. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? You can get these in a pack of 12 or 24. These are also a money saver and eco-friendly. Also no need for greasing or cooking spray. They are freezer, microwave, and oven safe (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit)

Glass Spray Bottle. I have bought a couple of these. In one I have a homemade all-purpose cleaner I use and in a second I keep Hydrogen Peroxide which I use for a disinfectant.

Budget Planner. I LOVE this planner. It has monthly budget planes, keeps track of all expenses, monthly goals/tasks, calendar to keep track of due dates, yearly goals, savings tracker and a debt tracker. It also comes with a sticker sheet. I’ve only used this for about a month, but it’s helped me so much.

Rosehip Oil. I usually buy The Ordinary’s brand of Rosehip Oil but I’ve been using a lot of it lately so I wanted to find a bigger bottle. This does just as good of a job.